Security Overview

  • Built by Asset Management professionals
  • Enterprise-class security and scalability
  • Everything is encrypted at all stages of data transmission and storage
  • No Personally identifiable information -- can be completely anonymous
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • No financial information on the device
  • Built on top of the Microsoft® Azure Cloud platform
finalytix understands very well the privacy and security requirements of our clients. We have done extensive due-diligence on the three domains that constitute our platform:

Our IP: Intellectual Property stack, technology and architecture

  • No client identifiable information or account numbers
  • Data is encrypted at rest and as it moves between the user and the servers through SSL.
  • Automatic backup and high availability through the Microsoft® Azure offering
  • Main cloud instance is in Singapore
  • Nothing is stored on the user mobile device
  • Multi-factor authentication. Device needs to be authenticated in addition to the user password or fingerprint

Our Operations: People, processes and policies they follow

  • Primary & Second Relationship Managers
  • Chinese walls for data entry
  • No user identifiable information
  • Financial & Client Documents are stored and locked in fire-proof lock cabinets only accessible by relevant relationship managers
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

Our Delivery Platform: Third party providers from Apple and Microsoft – their security policies, operations, and systems

  • finalytix has carefully chosen Microsoft Azure platform as its back-end hosting system due to its availability, security and confidentiality. Finalytix uses the Azure Data Center located in Singapore.
  • finalytix is Microsoft’s customer following the standards of ISO/IEC 27001 and the code of practice embodied in 27018. Microsoft Azure platform complies with the following relevant international and governmental security frameworks, listed in alphabetical order: